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An engineer who codes designers' boundless imagination.

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I am an engineer who loves to solve problems and is passionate about human behaviour. I’m working as a software developer, ideally in Front-end development. I have led a developers team, designed a full business software architecture ecosystem, engineered an efficient system architecture and more. Having an engineer's frame of mind, everything I see is somewhat a cog in the machine we call this complex world. It's the ‘how’ and ‘why’ that fascinate me every time. They are difficult and complex, but I love every single bit of it!

Dart Lang
React JS
The best of me
I help the company reduce its operational cost by implementing a smart system into its design.
I help the business strengthen its customer retention by embedding psychology into product design.
I help the junior developer team grow exponentially by providing mentorship and guidance
Actions are louder than words, so I build things.

I engineered a system architecture and ecosystem for a sports facilities booking software from zero.

Despite having zero prior experience, I found myself working in an early-stage startup where I had the chance to create the underlying system’s architecture for the product ecosystem including databases, data structures, server-side services, event handlers, system applications as well as integrations. Having limited resources forced me to always make a system design with high reliability. The biggest challenge that I faced was to design a robust ecosystem that is effective, yet maintainable and scalable. As an engineer-minded person, I am naturally curious and accustomed to viewing things from a broader perspective which I then apply to my work. Now, I am apt to engineer an efficient ecosystem with a minimal tradeoff in which the initial unique problem can be solved effectively. 

Over 7 billion people own a smartphone, so I built a mobile-first software application with my team using the Flutter framework.

Through my understanding of the statistics and trajectory of the future of technology, I decided to develop a product that focuses on smartphone usage. Since resources for an early-stage startup are scarce, my team and I adopted and learned new knowledge  such as the Dart language and the Flutter framework for our company’s sports facility booking system in order to capitalise on a fast production environment. Having good critical thinking skills, it helped me to steer the project to adapt to challenges efficiently by eliminating overly risky and unreliable decisions. With this,  I am ideal to aid your company to make an effective decision in such a way that it serves and solves your unique problem. 

Why I will never stop building things even at times when everyone else loses their passion.

When I first learned to write codes, it felt like my inner child curiosity had been revived – I could let my imagination run wild. At the start, I had zero knowledge of coding, so I began learning by reading technical documents and starting to build projects. I have run into problems, so I learned to find solutions and started analysing the root causes. When I run out of ideas, I reach out to people and start understanding their needs. To me, the act of writing the code itself is just a small part – it is the process of learning and re-learning that I truly love as an engineer. Building any project requires brainpower and ideas from all fields of disciplines – and that is just what I desire; the growth from gaining knowledge. I will continue writing codes, solving problems, and keep on building things even without anyone asking for it. It’s a passion. 

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An Engineer who engraves ambitious visions into design.
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